Focusing on the South African arts community, ‘Creators on Creating: An Antidote to Uncertainty’ by Stallone Santino takes an innovative look at the detriment of the sector and how artists have been conducting their business in the wake of the new normal.

A lot has changed because of the national lockdown, and artists who rely largely on audiences have taken the biggest beating by not being able to flex their creative muscle like they would have prior to Covid-19. Artists across the country have been struggling to keep afloat as a result of the restrictions on indoor and outdoor activities. While many admit that surrender is near, others remain hopeful.

Creators on Creating: An Antidote to Uncertainty is a compilation of 19 reflective essays from South African artists on the Covid crisis and explores personal experiences and commentary on the current state of the arts.

The book, which gives voice to artists across multiple disciplines is edited and compiled by South African actor and theatre producer Stallone Santino, who developed the project as part of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP).

According to Stallone, the arts industry at large has been affected by the pandemic and artists and arts businesses across the country have had to make tough decisions since the lockdown had been introduced. Artists have struggled immensely, and this book brings these struggles to the surface.

“In an effort to shine a light on the industry and understand how creatives are navigating the pandemic, I decided to engage with artists directly, a variety of artists, and offer them a platform to share their stories.” says Stallone.

The contributors- acclaimed arts professionals and creators- share detailed insight into their creative process and discuss the ramifications that Covid-19 has had on their work and personal lives. Together, these reflections make clear the plight of the industry and attempts to provide an antidote to the uncertainty that has plagued the creative landscape in South Africa.

The book is aimed at the public and larger arts community and is available in digital format only. To reach a wider audience, the public can access the eBook safely and conveniently online through Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Google Play Store as well as a direct download on


With this project, Stallone Santino hopes to raise R1 million in sales and donations. These funds will be allocated to 100 artists through a once-off cash injection.

For more information and to donate, visit Join the conversation on Facebook at Cash for Creatives South Africa. For corporate sponsors and large donations, email
This project is supported by the National Arts Council (NAC) and Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC) and was made possible through the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP) 2021.